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Corporations and Partnerships in Virginia, 2nd Ed

Publication Year: 2016
Practice Area: Business/Commercial Law

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Corporations and Partnerships in Virginia examines specific transactions and events in the life of a corporation or partnership, including the purchase and sale of a business, merger, dissension and deadlock, dissolution, and conversion. It also covers topics such as taxation, securities regulation, and director and officer liability. Forms for drafting corporate and partnership agreements are also provided, many in ready-to-use Word format.

Heman A. Marshall

Neil V. Birkhoff, Jocelyn West Brittin, G. Franklin Flippin, Elizabeth G. Hester, James A. Kennedy, Christopher M. Kozlowski, Greg C. Matisoff, P. Ryan Messier, Eric J. Nedell, Martin B. Richards, Bradley A. Ridlehoover, David W. Robertson, David A. Snouffer, Bruce C. Stockburger, Evelyn Small Traub

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editor and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - Organization and Governance of Corporations
Chapter 2 - Basic Tax Aspects of Corporations
Chapter 3 - Federal Securities Regulation
Chapter 4 - State Securities Regulation
Chapter 5 - Compensation Arrangements and Fringe Benefits
Chapter 6 - Directors' and officers' Liability
Chapter 7 - Dissension and Deadlock
Chapter 8 - Purchase and Sale of An Incorporated Business
Chapter 9 - Mergers and Other Reorganizations
Chapter 10 - Redemptions
Chapter 11 - Dissolution and Liquidation
Chapter 12 - Introduction to Partnerships
Chapter 13 - Nature of Partnership and Partnership Relations
Chapter 14 - Transfers, Dissociation, and Dissolution and Winding Up of Partnerships
Chapter 15 - Conversions and Mergers
Chapter 16 - Limited Liability Partnerships
Chapter 17 - Limited Partnerships
Chapter 18 - Dissolution and Merger of Limited Partnerships
Chapter 19 - Tax Aspects of Partnerships
 Table of Authorities