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Manual for Commissioners of Accounts, 6th Ed

Publication Year: 2019
Practice Area: Estate Planning/Elder Law

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This newly revised edition is a collaborative effort of commissioners, judges, attorneys, court personnel, and others and contains the current law and suggested practices for commissioners, attorneys and accountants, and others administering estates and preparing inventories and accounts for the various types of estates. It is a window into the commissioner’s office that will save countless hours in the preparation, submission, and approval of inventories and accounts. It an indispensable part of any law practice involving probate of estates, guardians and conservators, administration of trusts, or foreclosure under a deed of trust.

The Manual for Commissioners of Accounts also includes 42 electronic forms in Word format developed over time by commissioners. In addition, the manual sets out the official court forms for fiduciaries, as well as instructions for filling out these forms and samples of completed forms.

Table of Contents:

 Title And Copyrights
 Preface To Sixth Edition
 In Memoriam
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
 List Of Commissioners By Jurisdiction
 List Of Commissioners By Last Name
Chapter 1 - Purposes Of Manual and Statutory Authorization and Jurisdiction Of Commissioners Of Accounts
Chapter 2 - Judicial Appointment and Oversight of Commissioners of Accounts
 Chapter 3 - Complaints Against Commissioners
Chapter 4 - Record Keeping and File Maintenance
Chapter 5 - Access to Files of Commissioners
Chapter 6 - Adequacy of the Fiduciary's Bond
Chapter 7 - The Inventory
Chapter 8 - Posting Of Accounts; Notice To Interested Parties
Chapter 9 - The Account Audit
Chapter 10 - The Voucher and Other Supporting Documents
Chapter 11 - Estates Of Decedents: A Checklist of Duties of the Commissioner
Chapter 12 - Creditors and Claims Against the Estate
Chapter 13 - Auditing Accounts of Trustees Of Testamentary Trusts
Chapter 14 - Guardians/Conservators of Incapacitated Adults
Chapter 15 - Guardians of Minors' Estates
Chapter 16 - Account of Foreclosure Sale
Chapter 17 - Proceedings Against Delinquent Fiduciaries
Chapter 18 - Hearings Before Commissioners of Accounts
Chapter 19 - Miscellaneous Matters
Chapter 20 - Fees Allowed the Commissioner of Accounts
Chapter 21 - Guidelines For Fiduciary Compensation
 Table of Authorities