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Negotiating and Drafting Marital Agreements, 8th Ed

Publication Year: 2019
Practice Area: Family Law

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Separation agreements are a significant and vital part of every divorce lawyer’s practice. Negotiating and Drafting Marital Agreements provides sample clauses and over 100 forms for creating a marital agreement that is tailored to the needs of both clients while meeting the requirements of Virginia’s statutory scheme. Prepared by experienced practitioners, the forms include alternative language that may suggest creative solutions to the most difficult dilemmas that can arise when couples separate.

Richard E. Crouch, John H. Crouch

Edward D. Barnes, Craig D. Bell, Dennis M. Hottell, Carolé C. Krogmann, Melanie Hubbard, C. Dean Kime, David D. Masterman, Margaret B. McNamara, Bradley A. Ridlehoover, Jamel D. Rowe, William C. Scott IV

Table of Contents:

 Title & Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editors and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - The Marital Agreement: Tactics, Strategy, and Ethics
Chapter 2 - Nonmarital, Premarital, and Reconciliation Agreements
Chapter 3 - Support and Property Provisions in Separation and Support Agreements
Chapter 4 - Custody Agreements and Parenting Arrangements
Chapter 5 - Standard Provisions in Marital Agreements
Chapter 6 - Income Tax Planning in Divorce and Separation
 Table of Authorities