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The Virginia Arbitration Roadmap, 1st Ed

Publication Year: 2012
Practice Area: Litigation/Trial Practice

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Arbitration has become a common method of resolving disputes in a wide variety of areas, including international and domestic business agreements, labor and employment construction, and securities. It provides flexibility to the parties in shaping the process.

Done correctly, arbitration can foster a timely and cost-effective resolution of a dispute. This book provides a roadmap from the drafting of the arbitration clause to the hearing and enforcement of the ruling.

With helpful tips and warnings on virtually every page and an appendix of sample clauses, as well as references to state and international arbitration statutes, The Virginia Arbitration Roadmap will get you where you need to go.

Edmund M. Amorosi, Christine M. Reilly

Edmund M. Amorosi

Table of Contents:

 Title And Copyright
 About The Editor And Author
Chapter 1 - Drafting the Arbitration Clause
Chapter 2 - Arbitration Procedure and Hearing
Chapter 3 - Judicial Enforcement
Chapter 4 - International Arbitration Clauses
Chapter 5 - International Arbitration Procedure and Hearings
 Appendix A: Sample Arbitration Clauses
 Appendix B-1: Citations to State ADR Statutes
 Appendix B-2: International Arbitration Statutes
 Appendix C: Selected Arbitration Institutions and Contact Information
 Table Of Authorities