Casemaker Libra

Insurance Law in Virginia

Publication Year: 2020
Practice Area: Torts/Workers Compensation Law

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Phillip V. Anderson, James W. Barkley, Brian N. Casey, Mark K. Cathey, Robert B. "Chip" Delano, Alexander S. "Alex" de Witt, Raymond E. Escobar, Alexandra Dare Essig, Mark E. Feldmann, Jeffrey H. Geiger, Jason J. Ham, Guy M. Harbert, Stephen A. Horvath, David D. Hudgins, Stephen R. Jackson, Paul C. Kuhnel, Elisabeth L. Manuel, Kathleen M. McCauley, John D. McGavin, John B. Mumford, Mark A. Pachucki, Douglas M. Palais, H. Carter Redd, Robert Tayloe Ross, Andrew P. Selman, Elizabeth S. Skilling, James C. Skilling, Debra Schneider Stafford, Karen M. Stemland, Christopher W. Stevens, Christopher J. Wiemken

Table of Contents:

 Title & Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editors and Authors
 In Memoriam
 Electronic Forms - Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - Insurance Contracts
Chapter 2 - Agents and Brokers
Chapter 3 - The Tripartite Relationship
Chapter 4 - Duty of Good Faith
Chapter 5 - Misrepresentations
Chapter 6 - Forfeiture, Waiver, and Estoppel
Chapter 7 - Practice and Procedure
Chapter 8 - Motor Vehicles: Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance
Chapter 9 - Motor Vehicles: Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Insurance
Chapter 10 - Motor Vehicles: Medical Expense Insurance
Chapter 11 - Motor Vehicles: Physical Damage Insurance
Chapter 12 - Motor Vehicles: Rental Vehicle Insurance and Self-Insureds
Chapter 13 - Fire Insurance
Chapter 14 - Professional Liability Insurance
Chapter 15 - Homeowners Insurance
Chapter 16 - Commercial General Liability Insurance
Chapter 17 - Commercial Property Insurance
Chapter 18 - Directors' and Officers' Insurance
 Table of Authorities