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What is the Virginia CLE Online Library?

The Virginia CLE Online Library is an online searchable library of handbooks and forms books published by Virginia CLE and linked to the Casemaker database of 50-state and federal primary law. Subscriptions to the Virginia CLE online library are for one year, and includes updates and new publications published by Virginia CLE during the year. Typical links into the Casemaker system include case law, statutes, acts, and administrative codes. You may browse or search individual books or search by practice area library or full Virginia CLE online library.

What if the FAQs do not answer my questions?

If the FAQs do not answer your questions, please contact us at 800-979-8253 or In the meantime, we’ll keep updating the FAQs to reflect customer inquiries.

Can more than one person at my firm or government agency use the Virginia CLE Online Library?

Your subscription is at the firm level for practicing attorneys or at the agency level for government department and offices. Anyone employed at the firm or governmental agency may use the Virginia CLE Online Library. Also, a subscribing firm or agency is not restricted to a specific number of “seats” or people who may be logged in at a time.

I have questions of a technical nature. With whom do I speak?

For technical support, please call 1-844-838-0790.

While searching or browsing, the system asked me to subscribe even after purchasing the books - why is that?

Your subscription to the Virginia CLE Online Library may have expired. You can login and check the expiration date for your subscription from the My Account link.

Can I print the book?

Yes. You can only print one chapter at a time.

How do I access the online library after a subscription purchase?

Upon registration, you should receive a confirmation email with full instructions. If you do not have this email a book can be access as

Login with user name and password to Casemaker Libra website. Under My Subscription list of purchased books will be displayed. Click on "View Online Book" in front of your purchased book.

How do I pay?

You can pay when you register online using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express). Upon registration you will establish a user id and password that will be your credentials for logging into the system to view your books.

How do I log in to the Virginia Online Library?

Go to and enter your username and password.

How do I search the entire library?

Enter your search terms in the search box at the top of the home screen.

To search for documents containing ALL of the words: plaintiff AND defendant.

To search for documents containing ANY of the words: plaintiff OR defendant.

To search for documents containing EXACT PHRASE in quotes: “due process”.

Click “Search Tips” for more search types.

How do I search one or more specific handbooks?

On the home page, click the down arrow to the right of the search window.

Select specific handbooks or practice area to limit your search to those publications.

Then click “Save” Then enter your search terms in the search box.

How do I browse a specific handbook?

If you want to read or browse a book, go to the home page and click the down arrow to the right of the search window and select a book by clicking “View Online” to the right of the book title.

If you are already in “browse mode” and want to view a different book, you can either click the down arrow to the left of the search box and click “View Online” or click “Browse a Different Book” and click “Browse” next to the book title.

Does the Virginia CLE Online Library link to primary law?

Libra links to almost all primary law cited within the handbooks. Clicking on a link will open up the cited reference in the Casemaker database.

Where are footnotes located and how do they function?

Footnotes are located at the end of each handbook chapter. There are two ways to view a footnote: You can either click on the footnote reference (and click the footnote number to jump back to your text location) or you can view a footnote simply by hovering the cursor over the footnote reference so they may be viewed without leaving the page.

Where can I find forms?

Forms are located in an appendix following handbook chapters.

How do I access forms in Word format so that I may use them in my practice?

Most of the handbooks on Libra have practice forms that can be accessed in Word format, allowing the user to edit and save them for use in practice. The Word forms including forms for client intake, checklists, pleadings, motions, estate planning documents, and other documents for transactional practices.

There are two ways to access forms in Word format:

The most direct way to access a form in Word is to click the link at the top of the first page of the form in a forms appendix following a chapter. Note: if the form is available in Word format in the handbook, the link will open a higher resolution pdf view of the form instead

The other method is to go to ELECTRONIC FORMS: INSTRUCTIONS AND TABLE near the front of the book and click on the paper clip icon next to the desired form. Note: a few books do not have this table because they do not have any forms in Word format.