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Debt Collection for Virginia Lawyers: A Systematic Approach, 7th Ed

Publication Year: 2018
Practice Area: Bankruptcy/Collections Law

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This is truly a practice deskbook. Material is presented in terms of specific actions the attorney or client can take. The forms that accompany the text provide the basis for actual court filings and other communications needed to serve your clients.

Robert A. Pustilnik, Steven L. Higgs, James L. Windsor

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyrights
 About the Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
 Summary of 2006 Changes
 Summary of 2007 Changes
 Summary of 2008-2009 Changes
 Summary of 2010-2012 Changes
 Summary of 2013-2015 Changes
 Summary of 2016-2018 Changes
Chapter 1 - Overview of A Collection Practice And The Collection Practice System
Chapter 2 - Receipt of A Claim
Chapter 3 - Financial Recordkeeping, Client Accounting, Escrow Accounts, and Fees
Chapter 4 - Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
Chapter 5 - Gathering Information
Chapter 6 - Improving the Client’s Position
Chapter 7 - Suit
Chapter 8 - Executions on Judgments
Chapter 9 - Attachments
Chapter 10 - Real Property Foreclosures
Chapter 11 - Memorandum of Lis Pendens
Chapter 12 - Mechanics’ Liens
Chapter 13 - Other Liens
Chapter 14 - Bankruptcy Considerations
 Table of Authorities