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Contract Law in Virginia, 5th Ed

Publication Year: 2020
Practice Area: Business/Commercial Law

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Contract Law in Virginia takes the practitioner from contract formation to performance, as well as nonperformance issues. It distinguishes itself from other contract law books by examining how Virginia contract law interacts with other areas of the law. It also applies general legal principles of Virginia contract law to different types of contracts – from commercial contracts to real estate contracts. Special case law rules and statutes are highlighted that affect different types of contracts.

John V. Little, MichieHamlett

Nicholas V. Albu, Reed Smith, Ambika J. Biggs, Hirschler Fleisher, Elizabeth Boison, Kelly J. Bundy, Hirschler Fleisher, Francis H. Casola, Woods Rogers, Peter L. Henderer, McCandlish Holton, John A. C. Keith, Blankingship & Keith, Thomas A. Leggette, Leggette Law Firm, Mark D. Loftis, Woods Rogers, Charles V. McPhillips, Kaufman & Canoles, Carrie Hallberg O’Malley, Hirschler Fleischer, Eric C. Perkins, Jane Whitt Sellers, McGuireWoods, David W. Thomas, MichieHamlett

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editor and Authors
 In Memoriam
 Forms on Disk Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Formation of Contracts
Chapter 3 - Statute of Frauds
Chapter 4 - Determining Contractual Obligations
Chapter 5 - Policing the Bargain
Chapter 6 - Performance and Nonperformance
Chapter 7 - Third-Party Beneficiary Law
Chapter 8 - Assignment and Delegation
Chapter 9 - Joint and Several Contracts
Chapter 10 - The Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 11 - Special Types of Contracts
Chapter 12 - General Drafting Principles
Chapter 13 - Remedies for Breach of Contract
Chapter 14 - Resolving Contract Disputes through Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 15 - Litigating A Contract Case
 Table of Authorities