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Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia, 6th Ed

Publication Year: 2018
Practice Area: Criminal Law

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The defense of serious traffic offenses is an extremely complex area of law in Virginia where constitutional protections for an individual conflict almost inevitably with the right of the general public to be protected from unsafe drivers. Because of the reliance on scientific evidence to prove different aspects of these cases, attorneys working in this area must be well-versed not just in the law but in the specialized body of knowledge that supports these methods of proof.

These cases involve criminal sanctions and the potential for loss of license that can significantly affect a client’s life. Whether the case depends on field sobriety testing or chemical analysis of the arrested driver’s breath or blood sample, or when speed-measuring devices are used, Defense of Serious Traffic Cases in Virginia is a resource for both the new and the seasoned practitioner in preparing for cross-examination of both police officers and the Commonwealth’s scientific experts.

J. Burkhardt Beale, Patrick M. Blanch, Joseph King, G. Manoli Loupassi, Marina Medvin, Matthew D. Nelson, Rhonda Quagliana, Donald S. Sawicki, G. Barton Chucker, Robert H. Downer, Jr., Timothy C. Carwile

Table of Contents:

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Chapter 1 - Substantive Law
Chapter 2 - Procedure
Chapter 3 - Stops, Arrests, and Searches
Chapter 4 - Beginning the Representation
Chapter 5 - Trial Preparation: Strategy and Tactics
Chapter 6 - Technical Defenses in Speed-Related Cases
Chapter 7 - Technical Defenses in Intoxication Cases
Chapter 8 - Sentencing and Administrative Sanctions
 Table of Authorities