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Virginia Criminal Practice Forms, 2nd Ed

Publication Year: 2018
Practice Area: Criminal Law

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With the full range of Virginia CLE''s battle-tested criminal practice forms, you will have at your fingertips the tools to address legal matters ranging from commonplace to unique. Start the process of building the right motion, proposed order, discovery demand, or just about anything the experienced or novice criminal law practitioner might need a form to achieve.

“The forms in this compilation have been authored by experienced practicing attorneys or are based on forms in Virginia’s rules of court. While no compilation of forms can anticipate every nuance encountered in representing a client in a particular case, these forms combine legal requirements with actual experience to provide attorneys with examples of many of the pleadings and other documents needed in a criminal practice.” - Peter Roane, Virginia CLE Editor in Chief

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
Chapter 1 - Attorney -Client Relationship
Chapter 2 - Arrest
Chapter 3 - Arraignment and Bail
Chapter 4 - Indictments
Chapter 5 - Motions to Dismiss
Chapter 6 - Bills of Particulars
Chapter 7 - Motions to Suppress Or Limit Evidence
Chapter 8 - Identification Procedures
Chapter 9 - Discovery
Chapter 10 - Experts
Chapter 11 - Preliminary Hearings
Chapter 12 - Continuances
Chapter 13 - Subpoenas, Notices, and Other Process
Chapter 14 - Pleas
Chapter 15 - Juries
Chapter 16 - Recusals
Chapter 17 - Separate Trials
Chapter 18 - Sentencing
Chapter 19 - Motions to Reconsider
Chapter 20 - Expungement of Criminal Records
Chapter 21 - Appeals
Chapter 22 - Writs of Actual Innocence
Chapter 23 - Dui and Other Serious Traffic offenses
Chapter 24 - Juvenile Proceedings
Chapter 25 - Capital Murder Cases
Chapter 26 - Civil Commitment of Sexually Violent Predators