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Virginia Employment Practices and Forms, 3rd Ed

Publication Year: 2015
Practice Area: Employment Law

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This book, and the more than 40 editable electronic forms included therein, provides guidance in all phases of the employment process, from hiring to termination. Practical advice is included on the use of each form. It may be used to answer employment law questions and issues that confront Virginia businesses daily, as well as a guide to navigate policies that become the subject of a dispute.

Edward Lee Isler, Steven W. Ray, Lori H. Turner

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 About the Author
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - The Hiring Process
Chapter 2 - Establishing the Employment Relationship: The Use of Employment Agreements and Related Issues
Chapter 3 - Covenants Not to Compete
Chapter 4 - Drafting Effective Personnel Policies and Manuals
Chapter 5 - Severing the Employment Relationship
 Table of Forms
 Table of Authorities