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Elder Law in Virginia, 3rd Ed

Publication Year: 2017
Practice Area: Estate Planning/Elder Law

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Elder Law in Virginia is the premier treatise in this area of practice for Virginia attorneys. In addition to the substantive issues, the handbook also gives practical information on managing an elder law or Medicaid practice and handling the ethical issues and conflicts of interest that elder law attorneys so commonly face, especially when dealing with agents and those with compromised cognitive abilities.

Christopher M. McCarthy, White & McCarthy, LLP

Christopher M. McCarthy, George P. Wakefield Buxton, Sandra L. Smith, R. Shawn Majette, Shannon A. Laymon-Pecoraro, Andrew H. Hook, Matthew C. Sunderlin

Table of Contents:

 Copyright And License Information
 Chapters And Authors
 About The Editors And Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - The Elder Law Practice
Chapter 2 - Financial Security
Chapter 3 - Housing
Chapter 4 - Paying for Long-Term Care
Chapter 5 - Managing Incapacity
Chapter 6 - Special Needs Trusts
Chapter 7 - Medicaid Practice
 Table of Authorities