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Adoption Procedures and Forms: A Guide for Virginia Lawyers, 6th Ed

Publication Year: 2014
Practice Area: Family Law

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This book furnishes both general practitioners and experienced family law attorneys with a step-by-step practical guide to the successful completion of each type of adoption procedure. It also gives the practitioner the “heads-up” when an adoption proceeding may be beyond the scope of a novice and when more experienced adoption counsel should be consulted.

Colleen M. Quinn, Locke & Quinn, Richmond, Barbara C. Jones, Clifton

Karen Stoutamyer Law, Law Offices of Karen S. Law, PLC, Ashburn, Thomas G. Nolan, Virginia Wills, Charlottesville

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyrights
 About The Editors And Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
 Chapters And Appendices
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Placement For Adoption
Chapter 3 - Jurisdiction And Venue
Chapter 4 - Agency Placement Adoptions
Chapter 5 - Stepparent and Close Relative Adoptions
Chapter 6 - Parental Placement Adoptions
Chapter 7 - Adult Adoptions
Chapter 8 - Interstate Adoptions
Chapter 9 - Intercountry Adoptions
Chapter 10 - Foster Care Placement Adoptions
Chapter 11 - Special Needs Adoptions
Chapter 12 - Children Born Using Assisted Reproductive Technology
Chapter 13 - Legal Effects of Adoption: Adoption and Inheritance
Chapter 14 - Access To Adoption Records
Chapter 15 - Ethical Issues
Chapter 16 - Fees and Costs
Chapter 17 - Common Challenges and How to Avoid Them
Appendices: Forms, Sample Pleadings, And Instruction Sheets
 Table Of Authorities