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Virginia Family Law Trial Handbook: Pleadings, Evidence, and Strategies, 1st Ed

Publication Year: 2017
Practice Area: Family Law

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Virginia Family Law Trial Handbook provides a practical, hands-on approach to divorce, custody, and support litigation in Virginia. It offers a number of options in a given legal situation and aids in determining the most appropriate course of action. Specific attention is given to the organization of evidence and the presentation of the case, a useful skill for attorneys of all levels of experience. Examples and advice on effectively questioning witnesses are also presented. The forms should be especially useful to those new to the field in drafting pleadings and discovery.

Brian M. Hirsch, Danielle V. Poliner

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 About the Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - The Attorney/Client Relationship
Chapter 2 - Theory of the Case and Approach
Chapter 3 - Initial Pleadings and Service
Chapter 4 - Discovery
Chapter 5 - Evidence
Chapter 6 - Objections
Chapter 7 - Pre -Trial Motions
Chapter 8 - Witnesses
Chapter 9 - Presentation
Chapter 10 - Post -Trial Matters
Chapter 11 - Modification of Custody and Support
 Table of Authorities