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A Guide to the Rules of Evidence in Virginia, 2019-2020 Ed

Publication Year: 2019
Practice Area: Litigation/Trial Practice

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Conceived and developed by the Boyd-Graves Conference Evidence Committee to equip judges and attorneys with a handbook of exceptional accuracy, A Guide to Rules of Evidence provides easy access—in one place—to the principles governing evidence law in Virginia, which are embedded in 200 years of case law, numerous statutes, and the Rules of Evidence.

Kent Sinclair

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
Article I. General Provisions
Article II. Judicial Notice
Article III. Presumptions
Article IV. Relevancy, Policy, And Character Trait Proof
Article V. Privileges
Article VI. Witness Examination
Article VII. Opinions And Expert Testimony
Article VIII. Hearsay
Article IX. Authentication
Article X. Best Evidence
Article XI. Applicability
 Table of Authorities