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A Guide to Legal Research in Virginia, 8th Ed

Publication Year: 2017
Practice Area: Multi-Topic/Practice Management

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A Guide to Legal Research in Virginia provides the best way to locate and learn to use research sources on Virginia law. Written by the experts in research—attorney librarians—the book comprehensively covers materials available in print and online, to ensure you can explore all likely research avenues should a novel issue present itself virginia.

Joyce Manna Janto
Joyce Manna Janto, editor of this book and author of Chapter 10, is the Deputy Director of the University of Richmond’s William Taylor Muse Law Library. Prior to her position as Deputy Director, she served as the Acquisitions Librarian (1982-1989) and the Associate Director for Collection Development (1989-1991). She teaches Legal Research in the first year Lawyering Skills program and Professional Responsibility. She is very active professionally, having served as president of the Virginia Association of Law Libraries and the Southeastern Chapter of the American Association of Law Libraries. She also served first as the treasurer and then as the president of American Association of Law Libraries. She has published extensively in both legal- and library-related publications and presented at conferences and CLE programs on the  international, national, regional, state, and local levels. Ms. Janto earned a B.S. from the Clarion State University of Pennsylvania, an M.L.S. from the University of Pittsburgh, and a J.D. from the University of Richmond.

Christopher D. Byrne, Frederick W. Dingledy, Marie Summerlin Hamm, Kathleen Klepfer, Caroline L. Osborne, Jennifer Sekula, Alexis Fetzer Sharp, Roger V. Skalbeck, Gail Warren, Amy Wharton, Gail F. Zwirner

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editor and Authors
Chapter 1 - Introduction and General Principles
Chapter 2 - Constitutional Law
Chapter 3 - Statutory Law
Chapter 4 - Courts and Case Law
Chapter 5 - Administrative Law
Chapter 6 - Local Law
Chapter 7 - Treatises, Manuals, and Form Books
Chapter 8 - Legal Periodicals, Indexes, Directories, and Statistical Information
Chapter 9 - Fastcase
Chapter 10 - Legal Ethics
Chapter 11 - Quick Finding Guide
 Appendix A Legislative Sessions 1950-2017
 Appendix B Directory of Law Libraries
 Appendix C Directory of Legal and Library Associations
 Appendix D Directory of Publishers of Virginia Legal Materials
 Appendix E Selected Virginia Government Agencies