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The Virginia Lawyer: A Deskbook for Practitioners, 6th Ed

Publication Year: 2018
Practice Area: Multi-Topic/Practice Management

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The Virginia Lawyer provides concise analysis, practical advice, and electronic forms from experienced practitioners across a broad spectrum of practice areas. Published in cooperation with The Virginia Bar Association, this two-volume set covers the substance and procedure of the most significant areas of Virginia practice and will quickly focus your research on issues and pitfalls for any new case. It also provides guidance on successfully managing your law office and ensuring that professional ethics requirements are handled seamlessly as part of your day-to-day practice.

Dean E. Lhospital, Timothy L. McHugh

Luke J. Bresnahan, Taylor Denslow Brewer, John K. Byrum, William H. Casterline, Lindsey A. Coley, Kay M. Creasman, Kevin F. X. DeTurris, Thomas M. Dunlap, Lauren Stockburger Eells, Elizabeth Godwin-Jones, Leslie A.T. Haley, Anne M. Heishman, Andrew M. Hendrick, Steven L. Higgs, Henry E. Howell, David Ludwig, Michael G. Matheson, Stephen A. Mutnick, Robert A. Pustilnik, Rhonda Quagliana, Jeremy B. Root, Mark E. Rubin, Leslie A. Shaner, Thomas E. Spahn, Paul B. Terpak, Wilson R. Trice, Richard C. Wetzel

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapter and Authors
 About the Editors and Authors
 In Memoriam
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - Managing Your Law office
Chapter 2 - Professional Responsibility
Chapter 3 - Litigation - Civil and Criminal
Chapter 4 - Employment Law - Employee Rights and Employer Responsibilities
Chapter 5 - Business Law
Chapter 6 - Family Law
Chapter 7 - the Law of Defamation
Chapter 8 - Intellectual Property
Chapter 9 - Representing Debtors and Creditors
Chapter 10 - Consumer Law
Chapter 11 - Real Estate Practice
Chapter 12 - Eminent Domain
Chapter 13 - Estate Planning and Administration
Chapter 14 - Incapacitated Adults - Guardianship and Conservatorship
Chapter 15 - Administrative Law
 Table of Authorities