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Real Estate Transactions in Virginia, 5th Ed

Publication Year: 2020
Practice Area: Real Estate Law

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Objections: litigators know how important they are at every stage of a case. Make the wrong objection, and the harmful evidence comes in. Fail to make an objection, and the issue is waived on appeal. This Objections: Interrogatories, Depositions, and Trial handbook is your invaluable ally in mastering this critical trial skill. Cataloging every objection known to Virginia courts, each with full legal support, and with sample objections, this handbook will help you anticipate your adversary’s use of objectionable material, and, when offered, successfully prevent its introduction. It even fits easily in your briefcase, so don’t go to court without it!

Neil S. Kessler, Paul H. Melnick

Paul A. Bellegarde, Kay M. Creasman, Douglass W. Dewing, John A. Dezio, John W. Farrell, Jack C. Hanssen, Leslie A.T. Haley, Edmund D. Harllee, Michael A. Inman, C. Grice McMullan, Charles L. Menges, E. Kristen Moye, Matthew P. Rash, Louis J. Rogers, Robert A. Warwick, James L. Windsor, Clark H. Worthy, Eric V. Zimmerman

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - Ethical Considerations
Chapter 2 - Residential Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 3 - Commercial Real Estate Contracts
Chapter 4 - Mechanics' Liens
Chapter 5 - Title Examinations
Chapter 6 - Title Insurance
Chapter 7 - Survey Basics
Chapter 8 - Forms of Holding Title
Chapter 9 - The Deed
Chapter 10 - Residential Financing
Chapter 11 - Commercial Loan Documentation
Chapter 12 - Residential Closings
Chapter 13 - The Uniform Commercial Code
Chapter 14 - Opinion Letters In Real Estate Finance Transactions
Chapter 15 - Like -Kind Exchanges Under I.R.C. § 1031
Chapter 16 - Planning and Zoning
Chapter 17 - Real Estate Brokerage Law
Chapter 18 - Condominiums and Property Owners Associations
Chapter 19 - Foreign Owners of Real Estate In Virginia
 Table Of Authorities