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Virginia Construction Law Deskbook, 4th Ed

Publication Year: 2019
Practice Area: Real Estate Law

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The Virginia Construction Law Deskbook provides essential reference and expert guidance and analysis to navigate through the issues faced by the construction law attorney.

"The Virginia Construction Law Deskbook has become the ''go-to'' source for information on construction law in Virginia. The chapters are well-written, substantive, and represent the contribution of construction attorneys all over the Commonwealth. Shortly after it was published, the Virginia Court of Appeals cited it as a reference in one of its decisions. It is now hard to imagine what it would be like without the Deskbook readily available as a resource in the construction practice area." - Richard F. Smith, editor

Richard F. Smith

James W. Barkley, William J. Benos, Shannon J. Briglia, N. Reid Broughton, Robert K. Cox, Brad C. Friend, Erica J. Geibel, Jeffrey G. Gilmore, Mark P. Graham, James R. Hart, Sean M. Howley, Daniel J. Kraftson, Kelly B. LaPar, Elisabeth L. Manuel, K. Brett Marston, Thomas O. Mason, William R. Mauck, Richard Tyler McGrath, Todd R. Metz, Alison R. Mullins, John S. Norris, Ryan J. Pedraza, Francis E. “Chip” Purcell, Jack Rephan, Robert K. Richardson, Thomas E. Spahn, David K. Spiro, Karen M. Stemland, Jonathan L. Stone, Bruce E. Titus, Brian J. Vella, Charles E. Wall, Spencer M. Wiegard, James L. Windsor, Randall H. Wintory, David Hilton Wise, Thomas M. Wolf

Table of Contents:

 Title And Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editors and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions And Table
Chapter 1 - Overview
Chapter 2 - Licensing Of Contractors, Architects, And Professional Engineers
Chapter 3 - Building Codes, Zoning, And Special Issues
Chapter 4 - Design Professionals
Chapter 5 - Contract Delivery Systems
Chapter 6 - Bidding on Federal Construction Contracts
Chapter 7 - State and Local Government Contracting
Chapter 8 - Federal Construction Contracts
Chapter 9 - Drafting Issues In Construction Contracts
Chapter 10 - Changes and Extra Work
Chapter 11 - Unforeseen Worksite Conditions And Related Matters
Chapter 12 - Termination of Contracts
Chapter 13 - Immigration and Labor Law
Chapter 14 - Damages
Chapter 15 - Project Scheduling, Delays, And Time Extensions
Chapter 16 - Bond Claims on Public Projects
Chapter 17 - Contractor Rights And Remedies
Chapter 18 - Mechanics Liens
Chapter 19 - Bankruptcy
Chapter 20 - Insurance Coverage
Chapter 21 - OSHA on The Construction Jobsite
Chapter 22 - Effective Trial Preparations
Chapter 23 - Alternative Dispute Resolution
Chapter 24 - Ethics
Chapter 25 - Sick Building and Toxic Mold Claims
Chapter 26 - Subcontractors and Suppliers
Chapter 27 - Public -Private Partnerships
Chapter 28 - Condominiums
Chapter 29 - Leadership In Energy And Environmental Design (Leed)
 Table Of Authorities