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Virginia Business Torts, 4th Ed

Publication Year: 2019
Practice Area: Torts/Workers Compensation Law

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The field of business torts is broad, and any work on the subject is ambitious. This book will be of great interest to business lawyers, but also to employment lawyers or those with a general practice. It explores the most frequently encountered areas: common law torts, duty of loyalty, conversion, tortious interference, covenants not to compete, wrongful discharge, conspiracy to injure a business, the Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act, the Virginia Computer Crimes Act, the Virginia Consumer Protection Act, and Virginia and federal antitrust laws. The objectives of this book are to present a useful discussion of the law and provide creative insights and suggestions as to how to effectively pursue litigation in these areas.

Edward B. Lowry, Edward Lee Isler, David W. Thomas

Elaine Charlson Bredehoft, Francis H. Casola, Thomas M. Dunlap, David L. Greenspan, Nicholas R. Klaiber, Kathleen Zahorik Quill, Steven W. Ray, Lori H. Turner

Table of Contents:

 Licensing Information
 Title & Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editors and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Common Law Torts
Chapter 3 - Breach of Duty of Loyalty
Chapter 4 - Conversion
Chapter 5 - Tortious Interference with Contractual Relations and Economic Advantage
Chapter 6 - Breach Of Covenants not to Compete
Chapter 7 - Wrongful Discharge
Chapter 8 - Conspiracy to Injure a Business
Chapter 9 - Misappropriation of Trade Secrets: Virginia Uniform Trade Secrets Act
Chapter 10 - Civil Actions Under the Virginia Computer Crimes Act
Chapter 11 - Virginia Consumer Protection Act Claims
Chapter 12 - Antitrust Violations
 Table of Authorities