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Workers' Compensation Practice in Virginia, 9th Ed

Publication Year: 2016
Practice Area: Torts/Workers Compensation Law

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This book is for the practicing attorney and contains all relevant published opinions from the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia. It provides the practitioner with a practical manual and guide for the handling of workers’ compensation cases.

"We wrote this book to fill the need for a practicing attorney dealing with workers’ compensation issues and cases in Virginia. It contains legal and procedural information, including, among other topics, coverage, benefits, occupational disease, procedure, settlements, attorney fees, and third-party cases." - Lawrence J. Pascal, editor

Lawrence J. Pascal

Craig A. Brown, James A. L. Daniel, T. Brent Gammon, James G. Muncie, James J. Szablewicz

Table of Contents:

 Title and Copyright
 Chapters and Authors
 About the Editor and Authors
 Electronic Forms: Instructions and Table
Chapter 1 - Introduction To The Workers’ Compensation Act And The Workers’ Compensation Commission
Chapter 2 - Coverage of Accidental Injuries
Chapter 3 - Occupational Diseases
Chapter 4 - Benefits Available to Injured Workers
Chapter 5 - Preparation of A Claim
Chapter 6 - Claims Handling
Chapter 7 - Contested Claims Procedures
Chapter 8 - Civil Suits and Third -Party Actions
 Table of Authorities